When Should I Put a Blue Roof Tarp on My Home?

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Broken shingles offer less resistance to the elements, speeding up your roof’s deterioration and reducing the protection your roof provides. As you wait for permanent repairs, the right roof tarp can prevent further damage and offer a temporary respite from leaks, even on roofs that are flat.

Ensure your roof’s continued durability and peak sheltering capacity by having a blue roof tarp installed by Sundown Exteriors in Bloomington, IL. Call us at (217) 737-9117 today!

Read on as our team discusses the best tarp solutions.

Why Install Blue Roof Tarps?

Roofs may develop defects due to natural weathering and unexpected mishaps. Common causes of major and minor roof problems include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Animals
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • Lightning strikes

While roof damage from these hazards might warrant urgent repairs, you may not have immediate access to the required services. Roof tarping offers a practical, although makeshift, solution in such situations. From roof damage caused by squirrels to natural disasters, blue roofs are the ultimate temporary protection you need.

Extra Protection

Blue tarps provide an additional layer of protection for your roof when it sustains damage. Also, they reduce the risk of small holes or loose tiles developing into complicated roofing problems.

Better Insurance Coverage

Blue roof tarps may also help you secure enhanced coverage from your homeowner’s insurance policy. Placing tarps demonstrates an effort to curb damage. For most insurance companies, the coverage you receive may change based on the actions you take to mitigate damage.

How to Tarp a Roof

How to Tarp a Roof

The efficacy and durability of your roof tarp will depend on its precise measurements and careful installation. To help you visualize the process of placing a tarp, follow our step-by-step guide on how to tarp a roof.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

Our roofers always start by examining the nature and extent of the damage. We may use various equipment, including ladders, measuring tape, safety harnesses, and protective clothing. After measuring the affected area, we will choose a suitable tarp to cover the selected portion.

Upon request, we will also take photos of the damage from appropriate angles to aid your insurance claim.

Step 2: Select an Appropriate Tarp

Next, our roofers will choose emergency roof tarps of suitable size and quality based on the observed damage. The tarps’ measurements must exceed the size of the affected area to ensure a good fit and secure attachment. Depending on your roof’s size and shape, our roofers may allow the tarp to hang over the edges.

Step 3: Remove Any Debris

Our roofers will proceed to clean your roof, getting rid of any rubble, scraps, branches, or broken shingles. This debris could clog gutters or disrupt water flow if left unattended.

Step 4: Position Your Tarp

Next, our roofers will unfurl the tarp, place it over the damaged area, and carefully align it. We usually also spend some time adjusting the tarp for maximum protection. When using tarps that have adhesive, our roofers will attach the sticky side to your shingles for added strength.

Step 5: Secure Your Tarp

Our roofers may choose a combination of weights, nails, and screws to ensure that your tarp stays in place.

If you anticipate immediate repairs, using weights to hold down the tarp’s edges against the roof represents the best temporary solution. The type of weights we use include sandbags or pieces of lumber fastened in strategic places.

Nailing or screwing the tarp to an anchor board offers more safety and stability. Our roofers will wrap the tarp around the plank to ease the force from the nailed points, where the material remains most likely to tear in high wind conditions.

Choose Sundown Exteriors for Emergency Roof Tarps in Bloomington, IL

Always choose an established roofing company that provides quality workmanship and demonstrates expertise in roof tarping.

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