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Vinyl Siding Installation in Bloomington, IL

Vinyl siding is the most common type of siding used on homes and commercial buildings. This is a price-friendly product and durable exterior covering that will withstand most of mother nature’s elements. With the large selection of vinyl siding offered, there are varying benefits — from thermal resistance to different panel lengths and thicknesses.

Vinyl siding is the easiest product to clean and maintain the natural appearance of because it only requires a simple cleaning periodically. Unlike other products, maintenance will not affect the integrity or life expectancy of vinyl siding.


Choose a Siding Material That Lasts

If you’re in need of a siding replacement, there are few materials that compare to the benefits that vinyl siding offers. Not only is it an affordable investment, but it also lasts for decades while retaining its color, texture, and appearance. It’s easy to clean, maintenance is minimal, and it’s durable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Learn more about the benefits of investing in vinyl siding for your Bloomington home, and contact Sundown Exteriors if you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate.



One of the biggest advantages that vinyl siding has above other siding materials is its versatility. Because vinyl siding is a synthetic material that’s manufactured rather than harvested, it can be customized in a variety of ways. Choose vinyl siding for your next siding installation if you want to customize the style, color, trim, and accessories of your siding. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and the color is embedded into the vinyl, so it won’t fade over time the way painted siding does.


Moisture Resistant

Rain and snow are the biggest adversaries to your home’s structure. When investing in a new siding replacement, it’s important to ensure that the material you choose resists and repels moisture.

Vinyl siding is non-porous, which means it won’t absorb moisture from rain, snow, or humidity. This also means that it’s resistant to mold and mildew growth, a serious health hazard associated with more absorbent siding materials.



Not only is vinyl siding recyclable, but its manufacturing process also has a much smaller effect on the environment than other types of material. As a durable, long-lasting material, it also needs to be replaced less frequently than other, more delicate materials, which cuts down the need to produce more material.

On top of these benefits, vinyl siding is also great at insulating your home. It works to regulate the temperature indoors, which can help lower heating and cooling costs, as well as energy consumption overall.



As a pliable material, vinyl siding is resistant to dings and dents. This helps prevent damage during weather events like high winds that can blow debris against your home.

Its sturdy, non-porous composition also makes vinyl siding resistant to warping, cracking, splitting, rotting, and pest damage. It easily expands and contracts with changes in temperature, so it can withstand extreme heat and cold.



Vinyl siding is easy to manufacture, customize, and install — making it a great siding replacement option for those on a budget. You’ll save on material costs and labor without sacrificing material quality or installation craftsmanship.



Since vinyl siding is resistant to a variety of weather conditions and general wear and tear, it lasts an incredibly long time. Colors stay vibrant year after year, and panels retain their shape when faced with extreme conditions or impact.

To back up all of these benefits, many vinyl siding manufacturers offer extended and lifetime warranties on their products. So, if your vinyl siding installation is ever damaged, most repair costs will be taken care of.

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