How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof and Garage

How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof and Garage

As a homeowner, you will likely deal with a variety of pests. Squirrels may be among the cutest, but their habits destroy roofs. Several strategies will keep squirrels off your roof by eliminating or blocking the typical access routes. With good tree management and guard tactics, you can keep squirrels off your roof and garage.

Keep reading to learn just how damaging squirrels can be and how to stop these cunning creatures from running amok on one of the essential parts of your home.

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Why It’s Important to Know How to Stop Squirrels From Running on Roofs

Be it high up in a tree or high up on a roof, squirrels like to live up off the ground. Unfortunately, they endanger the longevity of your roof.

Many predators consider squirrels prey, including birds, snakes, coyotes, and foxes. Being up high offers squirrels protection against these predators, so you are more likely to see them jumping between tree branches than darting across the dirt.

Your roof offers a safe highway and home to squirrels, but these creatures are not as good at home maintenance as we are. Whether they’re flying squirrels or common gray squirrels, they are active critters that tend to destroy roofing shingles and chew holes into attics.

Here is a list of typical damage that squirrels can cause:

  • Holes in the roof
  • Chewed-up fascia or beams
  • Damaged roof shingles
  • Chewed up wiring
  • Shifted or shredded insulation

Read on for tips about how to protect your roof from squirrel damage.

Tips on How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

Tips on How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

Poles and trees offer easy access points onto your roof. Squirrels climb and jump very well, so the best way to keep squirrels away is to eliminate or block the paths they use to gain access to the roof.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping squirrels off your roof:

Manage Tree Branches

Overhanging trees create accessible routes for squirrels trying to access your roof. If your trees reach out to less than ten feet away from your roof, a squirrel can quickly jump from the tree to the top of your home. Keep tree branches trimmed far enough from the roof to eliminate this point of access.

Cover Electrical Wires

Squirrels are smart, but that won’t stop them from using electrical wires to access your roof. Block this path by installing sections of slim PCV pipes over the cables. If a squirrel jumps aboard, the pipes will spin, causing the squirrel to lose its footing and fall off.

Install Squirrel Guards

Fences, poles, and trees are the little highways of the squirrel world, so installing guards at the base of poles and trees and the tops of fences is a great way to stop the traffic. Squirrel guards are bases made of sheet metal, which squirrels cannot grip and therefore cannot climb.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Roof’s Attic

If you find an unwanted rodent house guest, consider live-trapping, and use deterrents to prevent future inhabitants.

Does the sound of something crawling around your attic keep you up at night? Perhaps you dared to peek inside and spotted piles of leaves and other organic debris. A squirrel may be living in your attic. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of these pests and stop them from returning.


Although you can leave poisons, live-trapping an unwanted pest is the most humane solution. It will also prevent the animal from dying somewhere challenging for you to get to, which can create a seriously smelly problem. Contact your local pest control or wildlife professionals for squirrel removal if you need help.

Squirrel Deterrents

Once the squirrels are gone, you’ll want to deter them from returning. Do this by fixing holes, eliminating or blocking the access paths to the roof, and using other deterrents.

Squirrels learn to avoid places that smell like predator urine. They also avoid the smell of peppermint. You can spray your plants with capsaicin to stop squirrels from eating your garden.

Be sure to protect the longevity of your roof by keeping those cute but destructive squirrels away.

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