Count on Us for Skylight Leak Repair in Bloomington

Skylight Leak Repair in Bloomington

Do you notice water dripping from your skylight? It’s time to fix the problem before it spirals out of control. However, skylight leak repairs can be challenging to complete without professional help.

Our roofing experts in Bloomington, IL, explain the common causes of skylight leaks and how we repair them.

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Common Causes of Skylight Leaks

Skylight installations are durable and can withstand heavy rain, snow, and high winds. Still, even minor damages can escalate into expensive leaks without the proper repairs. Here are three common causes of skylight leaks:

1. Impact Damage

Hail, falling branches, and shoddy installation can create cracks in your skylight. Excess weight from snow and ice may also force the frame out of place, allowing water to enter your home. Depending on the architectural style of your roof, there may not be much you can do to prevent this damage from occurring.

Professional roofing contractors can assess the severity of the damage and recommend a practical repair strategy for your budget. You may need to replace your skylight if cracked glass or a broken frame causes your leak. If you have roof damage, we also provide outstanding storm damage roof repair services.

2. Faulty Flashing

Most modern skylights in Bloomington come with flashing. Flashing is a thin metal material that prevents water from seeping into the gap around your skylight frame.

Manufacturing errors and faulty installations can reduce the performance of your skylight flashing. In this case, roofing contractors must replace the skylight or add another layer of flashing to stop the leak.

3. The Wrong Skylight Frame Size

Often, homeowners who hire inexperienced contractors notice problems shortly after their skylight installations.

If roofers installed the wrong size skylight frame for your property, water might drip into your home every time it rains. Partner with a reliable roofing company to ensure you get the right skylight leak repairs or replacements for your home.

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How Do Professionals Complete Skylight Roof Repair?

So, how do professionals complete skylight leak repair? Here’s how the process works:

Inspecting the Leak

small leak skylight fix

Contractors will inspect your roof to locate the source of the leak. Sometimes, the damage may be obvious, such as a poorly installed frame or cracks in the weather seals. Other times, finding a leak may require significant attention to detail and patience.

Visual inspections allow contractors to closely assess the severity of the leak and deliver detailed reports based on their findings.

Measuring the Frame

Your roofers will take precise measurements of your skylight frame to ensure that you have the correct size to fit your skylight window and the surrounding roof.

It is typical for roofing materials, like wood and metal, to expand and contract during changing weather conditions. Consequently, inexperienced roofers may have sized or secured your installation incorrectly.

Clearing Debris

Roof shingles can collect water that leaks into the home from the skylight fixture. Contractors can lift these roofing materials and clear out debris. They can also check roof flashing for rust or damage that prevents water from flowing away from the skylight.

Sealing Holes

If your skylight has a crack where the glass meets the frame, a professional roofer can seal these holes with a clear silicone caulk. This method is a practical and cost-efficient way to avoid a total skylight replacement.

Holes outside the frame or in the flashing could be more challenging to repair. That’s why calling an experienced skylight and roof contractor is crucial.

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Inspect Your Skylight Regularly

Don’t forget about your skylight after repairs. Continue investing in routine inspections to ensure that your home stays dry year-round. A professional contractor will help you avoid costly replacements by repairing your roof at the first signs of trouble.

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