Do You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair in the Bloomington, IL Area?

Do You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair

A major thunderstorm, a tornado, a flash flood, or a hailstorm may all damage the roof of your Illinois home. How do you address roof storm damage—and will your homeowners insurance cover repair costs? Keep reading as we explain more.

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Assessing Roof Damage After a Storm

Assessing Roof Damage After a Storm

Roof storm damage may be difficult to spot unless you’ve dealt with an extreme weather event that caused massive devastation. You’ll probably need to climb a ladder for a full view of your roof, and even then, you might miss signs of damage that can lead to serious roof issues if left unaddressed.

As you inspect your roof after a storm, look for:

  • Broken, missing, cracked, or damaged shingles
  • Bullet-like holes in shingles after severe hail
  • Water spots in the attic and on ceilings
  • Dented or missing flashing
  • Large amounts of shingle granules in gutters

A professional roof inspection after a major storm will help you get a realistic assessment of your roof’s condition. In extreme cases, your roof may become a hazard, so you and your family would need to evacuate the house.

Otherwise, your roofing contractor may suggest emergency roof tarping to protect your property from water damage and enable you to stay in your home during storm damage roof repair.

Filing a Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Filing a Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Most homeowners insurance policies cover roof damage that occurs because of storms, hail, rain, wind, and other adverse weather events. However, to file a claim, you will need to prove that the storm (and not other factors, like normal wear and tear) caused the damage.

As soon as you notice that a storm has harmed your roof, you should:

  1. Take multiple photos of any damage, like broken shingles, hail dents, fallen tree limbs, etc.
  2. Notify your insurance company of the damage and provide any necessary details.
  3. Proceed according to your insurer’s instructions, whether this means waiting for an insurance adjuster to inspect your roof directly or scheduling a roof inspection with a licensed local contractor.

While you’re waiting for your insurer to approve your claim, proceed with any urgent work that is necessary to ensure your safety or your property’s integrity—e.g., fallen tree removal or emergency waterproofing. You can add these costs to your claim later.

Otherwise, wait for claim approval before you tackle any non-emergency roof repair. Remember that a reputable contractor won’t rush you into a contract before an insurer approves your claim.

In some cases, homeowners insurance companies may try to wriggle out of claims by denying a connection between the storm and some or all of the roof damage. If you disagree with your insurance company’s verdict, working with an independent insurance adjuster may help you negotiate a better offer.

Should You Repair or Replace a Storm-Damaged Roof?

The decision to repair or replace a damaged roof usually hinges on two main factors: the extent of the damage and the roof’s age. Minor damages like a few missing shingles or torn flashing are usually easy enough to fix. However, you may consider replacing your roof if:

·       Your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan
·       The storm caused significant damage (for example, a tree fell on your roof, winds tore off a large number of shingles, etc.)
·       You’re dealing with constant ineffective roof repairs
·       A reputable contractor estimates that replacement makes more sense than repair in your case

Please keep in mind that your homeowners insurance policy may not cover all roof replacement costs. Contact your insurer to find out whether you’re eligible for roof replacement coverage after a storm.

Storm Damage Repair Contractors in Central Illinois

When storms hit, our team at Sundown Exteriors is here to assess damage, provide quick, cost-efficient emergency repairs, and make sure your roof system is ready for the next adverse weather event. We serve homeowners in Bloomington, Pontiac, Normal, Lincoln, and nearby areas in Central Illinois.

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