How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost To Install?

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost To Install

Are you interested in adding a metal roof to your home but have no idea how much it may cost? Read on as we cover everything you may need to know about average metal roof costs and factors below.

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Why Should You Consider a Metal Roof?

Many industrial buildings, warehouses, and storage facilities utilize metal roofing materials for a reason. In recent years, metal roofing has become quite popular among homeowners as well. Metal roofs offer quite a few benefits, including:

  • Durability: While asphalt shingles can last an average of 15 to 30 years, metal roofs may protect your home for 50 years or more. Some, like copper roofs, can last up to a century. Metal roofs might get dented under extreme pressure, though this damage is far less common than broken shingles.
  • Energy efficiency: Not only do metal roofs utilize recyclable materials, but they reflect sunlight well, improving your home’s carbon footprint. You can reduce your energy bill by 30% with a metal roof.
  • Low maintenance: You can easily pressure-wash metal roofing systems, and you don’t have to worry about them growing mold from getting too wet.
  • Fire and weather resistance: Metal roofs stand strong against hail, extreme winds, storms, and fire hazards.
  • Increased resale values: Because of all of the above benefits, metal roofs can increase your home’s resale value and nearly cover all of the expenses you invested in replacing the roof.

Average Metal Roof Costs

Placing a single figure on metal roof costs is challenging since many factors can affect the price. You can expect to spend around $10 to $16 per square foot for a standing seam metal roof or $ 7 to $12 per square foot for a corrugated metal roof. The biggest difference between standing seam and corrugated metal roofs is how they fasten together.

Much variance in price occurs based on the type of metal you choose. The average cost for the different types of metal roofing materials per square foot includes:

  • Steel: $1.50 to $4
  • Aluminum: $3.50 to $6.50
  • Copper: $13 to $25
  • Zinc: $13 to $25
  • Tin: $3.50 to $14

The figures above reflect the material cost alone, without the added installation expenses.

Biggest Price Fluctuation Factors for Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Price Fluctuation Factors

The prices above reflect wide average ranges. The exact cost of metal roofing for your house will vary for many different reasons, including:

  • The fastening system: You can choose between exposed corrugated metal roofs and concealed standing seam roofs. Standing seam panels cost nearly twice as much as the alternative, though you may still want this option for your home for aesthetic reasons.
  • Your preferred painting method: SMP paint combines silicone and polyester and offers cheaper but less durable finishes. Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) paint coatings are stronger, have a warranty, feature vibrant metal roof color options, and cost nearly twice as much.
  • Metal thickness: You may also choose the metal gauge (thickness). The thicker the metal, the stronger it will be, and the more you will pay. Typically, the lighter end is 29 gauge, and the heavier end is 20 gauge.
  • House size: The bigger your house is, the more roofing material you will need to purchase, though you shouldn’t feel too concerned about price jumps in most residential settings.
  • Demand factors: Like any product, metal roof cost averages change based on consumer demands. Different societal factors, including the recent COVID-19 pandemic, can greatly increase metal costs.

Metal Roof Installation Costs

Popular Metal Roof Colors

Aside from the actual material costs, you should also consider how much you will need to budget for labor and installation. Installation costs can vary based on the following factors:

  • Project complexity: Roofs with many sides and angles can create challenges and added costs.
  • Average local minimum wages: Areas with higher minimum wages can expect to pay higher labor costs.
  • The roofer’s experience: More experienced roofing professionals charge more for high-quality results.
  • Replacement versus brand-new roofs: Replacing an old roof requires more work than just adding on a new one since the removal of the old roof will take time.

You should expect installation costs to add up to about 65% of your total roof costs. For example, if your material costs $5,000, the labor might cost an additional $8,000, bringing the total to $13,000.

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