Metal Roof Colors That Will Modernize Your Home

Metal Roof Colors That Will Modernize Your Home

Once you’ve decided to invest in a metal roof for your home, determining which metal roof colors to use is the next big decision. Metal roofing panels come in virtually any color, texture, and tone, so it’s a challenge to find the right shade! When you find just the right color palette, you’ll elevate your home’s overall aesthetic and create a modern, contemporary look to make it stand out.

Fortunately, you’ve got help. At Sundown Exteriors, we have extensive experience helping our customers choose the perfect color metal roof. We also install all types of metal roofing systems in Central Illinois, including Bloomington, Normal, and Lincoln.

Our team of fully licensed and insured contractors has the expertise to handle all your home improvement needs, including roofing, siding, gutters, decks, windows, and doors. Have you been thinking about a metal roof but wondering what color to choose? Call Sundown Exteriors at (309) 275-6801 for professional advice and to request your free quote today.

What Are the Most Popular Metal Roof Colors on Houses?

Popular Metal Roof Colors

Metal roofs come in a range of available color options, including matte, textured, and metallic finishes. Here are some of the most popular color combinations for a metal roof system based on exterior color:

  1. Tan, Beige, or Neutral Exterior: For earth-toned siding, choose a similar color palette like dark brown, navy, cream, or even red for a bold pop of color.
  2. White or Off-White Exterior: White siding is versatile and can work with virtually anything, including darker and lighter colors. Popular metal roof colors for white exteriors include black, charcoal, red, green, and light gray.
  3. Light Gray Exterior: Charcoal, black, beige, white, navy, galvanized steel, or dark green metal roofing will complement light gray siding perfectly for a thoroughly modern aesthetic.
  4. Charcoal, Navy, or Black Exterior: Darker colored siding works well with dark and light metal roof colors. Think dark green, dark brown, or a dove gray. Choose a natural aluminum or steel finish for a stark, industrial look.
  5. Dark Brown Exterior: For dark brown siding, choose navy, charcoal, black, or beige roofing. One popular choice is a copper metallic finish, which you can use for the entire roof or to accent dormers, turrets, towers, or your roofline.
  6. Red Exterior: Red exteriors (including brick) are ideal with black, charcoal, brown, tan, beige, or earth-tone metal roofs.
  7. Light Blue Exterior: If your home is light blue, consider a black, navy, white, or neutral roof color.

Metal Panel vs. Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

Choosing the right paint system for your metal roof is just as important as the color. The primary difference between corrugated metal and standing seam roofs is the fasteners. Metal panel roofs have exposed fasteners, whereas standing seam roofs have hidden fasteners. In reality, any color that works on metal panel roofing will work on a standing seam roof.

However, standing seam roofs are more expensive than a metal panel roof system. If you’re going to invest in a high-quality standing seam roof, choose a premium-grade paint system and thick, 24-gauge steel. Although you may see options for cheaper paint systems, let the buyer beware. The colors are more likely to fade, and they don’t have as much UV resistance as a higher quality system.

If you’re going to spend the money on a metal roof, don’t go halfway. Instead, get the best quality paint system you can afford. It will be worth it in the long run, and it will help protect the integrity of your metal roof.

We Can Help You Pick the Perfect Color for Your Metal Roof

At Sundown Exteriors, we have extensive experience helping our customers select metal roof colors for their homes. We can help you find the ideal color palette to showcase the best features of your home’s exterior, adding a modern touch and lots of curb appeal.

While you may find it tempting to choose a cheaper paint system, we recommend choosing a high-quality PVDF system, which provides better protection and helps retain color integrity longer.

Are you ready to get started? Remember, we also provide installation and repair services for roofing, siding, doors, gutters, windows, and decks, with an industry-leading warranty and flexible financing options.

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