Why You Should Only Hire a Local Roofing Company

Why You Should Only Hire a Local Roofing Company

If you need to hire a roofing contractor for the first time—or have had a bad experience with contractors in the past—you may wonder how to choose the right roofer. Experience, service, and reviews will all play a part in your decision. Here’s an important tip: Hire a local roofing company that serves your town or neighborhood.

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Below, our top-rated roofing company in Bloomington, Illinois, shares five reasons why you should hire a local roofer.

1. You Can Easily Verify a Local Roofer’s Credentials

A local roofing company serving your area has probably completed a few projects in your neighborhood. Most times, you can take a peek at their current or past projects and see whether this roofer’s work matches your expectations.

Maybe the local roofer you’re considering hiring has even done roofing work for some of your friends or family, who can give you a trusted first-hand account of the level of expertise, commitment, and service you can expect from this contractor.

You can also post a message in a local Facebook group and ask people to share their experience with this specific roofing company.

2. A Local Roofing Company Values Its Reputation

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Loyal clients are a local roofer’s bread and butter. To ensure a trusting, long-term relationship with customers, a local roofing company will protect its reputation. A local roofer must show commitment, responsibility, and accountability—or they will soon be out of business.

Did you notice that something about your roofing job doesn’t match your agreement with the contractor? Did a roof leak spring up again after a month? Your local roofer will usually resolve these and other issues quickly because they know local reviews from clients like you can influence their professional success.

3. Local Roofers Are Familiar With Local Building Codes

If you are preparing for a new roof installation or full replacement, you will need to comply with your local building regulations. A local roofer will make sure your roofing project adheres to the building codes in your area.

In many states, roofing contractors need a license to work on projects worth above a certain limit. Make sure your chosen contractor carries the necessary state licenses, bonds, and insurance policies.

4. Local Roofing Companies May Offer Better Prices

Working with a local roofing company may be more cost-effective than hiring a contractor that serves a large area. A local roofer will typically use fewer resources to transport crews, materials, and equipment.

Furthermore, a local roofing company may have useful connections with suppliers and other professionals in your area, like electricians or plumbers. They may know where to buy the best quality materials for the best price, or which professional to recommend if you need work outside their service scope.

Just remember: The lowest offer isn’t necessarily the best one. Study each contractor’s roofing project proposal and make sure you understand what the price includes.

5. A Local Roofer Provides a Timely Response and Location-Specific Solutions

Do you have a roofing emergency? Are you looking for a professional to assess roof damage after an extreme weather event? Your local roofing company is typically just a few minutes away and can often send a crew to your home on the same day. That’s why Sundown Exteriors has roofers in Peoria, Bloomington and Lincoln, Illinois ready to serve you!

A roofer who focuses on your area is also more likely to be familiar with all the local conditions that can impact your roof. For example, they may know that since your neighborhood has a higher elevation compared to the rest of the town, your roof may be more susceptible to wind damage and need extra reinforcements.

Sundown Exteriors: A Local Roofer Your Can Count On

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