What Is a Roof Drip Edge & Why Is It Important?

roof drip edge

Does your current roof design keep your home’s siding and foundation dry year-round? If not, your roof drip edge might need some TLC. Installing a new roof drip edge for your Bloomington area home can help you avoid costly water damage repairs.

What is a roof drip edge, anyway? Why does your roof need one? Our roofing contractors are here to explain everything you need to know.

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What Is a Drip Edge?

Roof drip edges are metal borders that extend over the sides of a roof to protect the roof’s underlayment and decking and the home’s siding from water damage. Typically, drip edges contain weather-resistant materials like copper, aluminum, or steel.

A roof drip edge is smooth, allowing water to slide off the roof instead of collecting between shingles or behind gutters. With the correct drip edge for your roof, you can expect the fascia board that runs along the bottom edge of your roof to last as long as 20 years before needing repairs or replacements. If your roof leaks near your home’s perimeter wall, chances are you have a faulty drip edge.

Three Common Roof Drip Edge Designs

Roof drip edges usually come in one of three designs:

  • Hemmed drip flashings are ideal for metal roofs. Unlike other designs, these fixtures angle back toward the house, allowing water to slide down the surface and drip before reaching the wall.
  • L-shaped drip edges are better for low-incline rubber or flat roof designs. Manufacturers design these edges with a 90-degree bend.
  • Gutter apron edges allow water to drip further away from the roof, sometimes over the gutter. These fixtures are practical for flat-top and shingle roofs.

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The Importance of Investing in a Quality Roof Drip Edge

importance of roof drip edge

Here are six practical reasons to invest in these modern roof fixtures:

Complying with Building Codes

Do you own a home with shingles in Bloomington-Normal, or surrounding cities? According to building code R905.2.8.5 of the 2018 IRC, these roof designs require drip edges. A professional roofing company like Sundown Exteriors can help you comply with these standards by recommending the correct roof upgrades for your home.

Sealing Gaps in the Roofline

Drip edge flashing seals gaps in the roofline that are vulnerable to water damage. These fixtures also make it harder for insects and rodents to invade your attic through holes or cracks in the roof.

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

Water can erode your home’s siding over the years. Without a roof drip edge, you may notice streaks of discoloration forming along the walls of your home.

You can keep railings, patios, and other outdoor features safe from deterioration by installing drip edges.

Extending the Life of Your Roof

Rain, high winds, and hail damage cause many homeowners to spend money on frequent roof repairs and replacements. Drip edges can prolong the service life of your roof by reducing moisture accumulation between shingles and decking after a storm. Keeping your roof dry also decreases the risk of mold and algae growing on your property.

Preventing Snow and Ice Damage in Winter

Snow adds significant weight to your property during the winter months. A drip edge prevents a damaged roof and sagging gutters by allowing the snow to slide off the edge of the roof when it becomes too heavy.

Reinforcing Your Gutters

Roof drip edges help water flow into your gutters instead of pooling on your roof. As a result, your roof’s drainage system performs more efficiently won’t clog. Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming gutter cleanings every few months, thanks to your roof drip edge.

Safeguarding the Home When Shingles Fail

Shingles shield your fascia and roof decking from water, debris, and direct sunlight. However, shingles are fragile and can wear down after years of weathering in the Normal summers and winters. If these materials fail, your roof drip edge will pick up the slack and keep water away from your home’s foundation.

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Bloomington Roof Drip Edge Installation & Repair

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