Popular Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Popular Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Every year, the most popular roof and siding color combinations change just as predictably as the seasons. Whether you’re building a new house or simply renovating, the colors you choose for your roof and siding will have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Even if you’ve just upgraded the roof and siding, the wrong color scheme might detract from your home’s potential beauty.

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Trendy Roof and Siding Color Combinations That Will Complement Your Home

With color trends that change as fast as the wind, finding the perfect design scheme that works for your home’s exterior can be challenging. In addition, your material choice may also limit the available color, texture, or pattern options. Typical options for residential siding include:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiber cement
  • Wood
  • Composite

As for roofing materials, Illinois homeowners tend to gravitate towards asphalt, metal, architectural, slate, and cedar shake.

Now, let’s take a look at the newest roofing and siding color combinations that are trending for 2022.

White Siding + Black Asphalt Roof + Your Choice of Accent

White siding with a black roof has consistently remained one of America’s most popular color palettes, and there’s no denying the fresh, classic feel this color combo evokes. If you love the traditional aesthetic but want to infuse more distinctiveness into your home, use an unorthodox color for your front door or trim. For example, try a refreshing teal, sunny yellow, natural green, or even a deep violet for a bold statement.

Dark Gray Siding + Dark Gray Roof + Dark Gray Trim

What? A home with the same color siding and roof? This unconventional take looks incredibly striking if you can balance the colors and textures just right. The most popular look right now is siding that seamlessly matches the roof’s color, texture, and appearance, creating a unified, coordinated feel that showcases your home’s best features. If your house is on a beautiful piece of property or you spend a lot of time and effort on landscaping, then this matching style is a great way to accent your lawn and garden.

Earthy Green Siding + Light Gray Roof + Warm Wooden Trim

Do you want your house to evoke a warm, inviting feeling? If so, choose an earthy green color for your siding, with a light gray roof and a natural wood trim. Pick a shade of green that’s in the neutral family, which gives off a calm, peaceful vibe. Plus, the rich wooden trim will accentuate your home’s windows and roofline perfectly. For a bolder look, choose a dark-toned roof and darker trim to modernize your home’s exterior.

Beige Siding + Brown Tile Roof + Rustic Red Trim

With a neutral beige siding color, brown shingles, and a rustic orange or reddish trim, your home will stand out from the rest on the block. A great way to interpret this roofing and siding color combination is by giving your home a Spanish look and feel with a tile roof. This combo is ideal for houses with large, sprawling roofs or unique rooflines. To give your home’s curb appeal an even bigger boost, try the addition of flowering trees or vines for an infusion of bright color.

Lacking Inspiration for Your Home’s Color Palette? We Can Help!

As professional home contractors, we know all the most popular roofing and siding color combinations. If you’re lacking ideas or inspiration, our color experts can help you pick the perfect color palette to complement all the best features of your home.

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