How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof

Whether due to storm damage or age, you may need to replace your roof. If you’re in the process of a roof replacement project, or you are considering having your roof replaced, you may wonder, “How long will it take to replace my roof?”

The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. A professional roofer can typically finish a roof installation in a full day of work for a smaller home, and two days for a larger home or commercial roof. However, conditions aren’t always ideal, and you must take other factors into account in estimating the total time for the job.

Our roof replacement experts at Sundown Exteriors, describe some of the reasons why a re-roof could take longer. For more information, or to schedule a roof inspection in or around Bloomington, IL, contact us at Sundown Exteriors.

How Long a Roof Replacement Takes Depends on a Few Factors

The type of roof you have and the roof material you’re installing are among some of the factors that influence the time it will take to replace your roof.

Roof Material

Is your roof shingled? Are you replacing shingle with shingle, or are you changing to a different roof type like metal or tile? Installation time can vary greatly between each type of roofing material.

  • Asphalt shingles require a one-day installation on a smaller home.
  • Slate tiles usually require a six-day installation on average (more for a larger home).
  • Metal roofing requires two to five days for installation, depending on size and complexity.

When your professional roofer writes their estimate, ask how long the installation schedule will be for your roof replacement.

Roof Size

roof size

The size of the roof can also impact the pace of your roof replacement. Many roofers use crews of different sizes to meet the demand for roofing jobs. A smaller home roof replacement can use a smaller team to complete the work in a day.

However, a larger home or office will require a larger crew so your roofer can complete the job in fewer days. Completing a roof replacement is a calculation in manhours available to do the work. A larger crew can apply more man hours to the roof replacement project to complete the work faster than a smaller crew.

It isn’t always a question of “How long does it take to replace a roof?” but rather, “How many manhours will it take to replace my roof?”

Roof Slope

roof slope

The slope (steepness) of your roof will also affect the total time necessary to complete the roof replacement. An extremely steep roof may require additional tools and safety equipment for workers to do the work without falling off the roof or having a tool bag slide off the sloped edge and cause damage to your home below.

Additionally, a shallow pitch roof will need underlayments to protect the roof from water intrusion. A low slope could slow water runoff enough to allow it to pool on the roof, increasing the risk of a leak over time. Protective underlayments can prevent leaks but will also increase the amount of work and time for the roof replacement.

Property Accessibility

During a roof replacement, your roofer will need access to your yard to drop off pallets of materials and tools, as well as a large dumpster to remove the old roof materials. If your home includes a wraparound porch, landscaped hedges, or solid fencing, it could limit accessibility for work crews to transport materials easily up ladders and onto the roof for installation.

Weather on Your Scheduled Service Date

Numerous weather conditions can affect scheduling for your roof replacement. Some materials may not function correctly in extremely cold weather, and shorter winter days mean less daylight to complete a job.

Additionally, wet or icy conditions are unsafe for work crews on a roof. Asphalt shingles and sealant may not stick in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best time of year to install a new roof is in the summer, when daylight savings time gives work crews more hours to complete a roof replacement project. It’s usually warm and sunny, allowing the best conditions possible for the team to do their work.

Extent of the Roof Damage

roof damage

If the roof deck is still in good condition, a professional roofer may only need to peel back the old shingles and replace them with the new roof material. However, if there is damage under the old roof, your roofing contractor may need to replace plywood sheets or other roof deck materials before they can apply the new shingles or tiles.

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