Common Problems With Two Layers of Shingles

two layers roof shingles

Removing a roof is costly. But leaving your old one on and covering it with a new roof can be even more expensive. There are a lot of problems that arise when choosing to go with two layers of shingles just to save on removal costs.

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Are Two Layers of Shingles Better Than One?

No. While doubling up on your roof may sound like doubling up on durability, that is not the case. But making this decision can still be challenging.

Leaving your existing roof shingles on makes the renovation quicker, more convenient, and more affordable. But these benefits are short-lived and can lead to long-term problems and expenses down the road.

Below, we will cover some of the most common problems with layered shingles.

Weight Concerns With a Second Layer of Shingles

Your house construction can only support a single roof. No matter if you have 3 tab or laminate shingles, having two sets of shingles on top of your home weigh twice the amount. The decks that support your roof may not be able to handle the additional weight.

This increased load can cause all sorts of problems. Your home’s support system as a whole may wear much more quickly than it should. And the weight might damage the structure of your entire roof.

Your Home Inspector May Not Be Pleased

home inspector 2 layer shingle roof

An inspection will determine structural integrity and value when you decide to sell your house. Inspectors often see two roofs as a problem, negatively impacting your inspection marks. These negative marks decrease the value of your home.

While saving money on roof removal now may sound nice, you are essentially losing value in doing so. You can make money in the long run by biting the bullet now and tossing the old roof.

Warranty Issues From Increased Likelihood of Damage

When you install a new roof, you have the option to purchase extended warranty plans. Some even come with limited plans regardless. However, in most cases, your warranty will no longer be valid if there are two layers.

Double shingle layers inherently build up more heat, damaging the shingles faster. Suppliers do not want to be on the hook for easily avoidable shingle damage.

Multiple Layers Are Less Visually Appealing

If you own a home, you want it to look nice from the inside out. The roof is the crown of your property, and a beautiful one can work wonders for your curb appeal. You might think that two layers will look the same, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Roofing professionals install shingles on flat surfaces. So, when they have to install a roof on top of existing shingles that are damaged, the base will be irregular. These irregularities result in an imperfect roof with a shingle pattern that does not line up correctly.

More Problems Down the Road

The biggest problems you will face when opting for two layers of shingles are the long-term ones, including:

  • Damage repairs: Two layers create a more complicated roof system. Anytime damages occur, even small leaks, the repair is far more complex, pricy, and time-consuming, especially if the leak goes all the way through both layers.
  • Decreased lifespan: A double-layer roof will not last as long as a single layer. Both roof layers will diminish much quicker due to the increased weight, heat, and moisture.
  • Removal costs: When the time comes to replace your roof, having two layers will require more manual work. This labor will increase expenses and renovation time.

Make the Right Decision

Paying the additional cost of removing your roof will ultimately save money. While this decision can be difficult, it’s essential to consider what option won’t diminish your home value and cause more expenses and problems down the road. Many common issues arise when you have two layers of shingles, so it’s best to remove the old one before installing a new one.

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