Can I Change My Roof Pitch When I Get a New Roof?

Can I Change My Roof Pitch

At Sundown Exteriors in Bloomington, Illinois, our new clients often ask, “Can you change my roof pitch when you replace my shingles?”

Yes, we can alter the size, shape, and value of your home by changing your roof’s pitch. Our expert roofers have modified dozens of roof slopes. However, revising the pitch of a roof represents a significant undertaking.

Let’s talk about the reasons why property owners might want a roof pitch change. If you need assistance, call Sundown Exteriors, your local roofing contractors in Bloomington, IL at (217) 737-9117 today!

5 Reasons for a Roof Pitch Change

As one of the most costly projects in the roofing business, pitch modifications serve as a solution of last resort for most homeowners. Our veteran roofing contractors only recommend a pitch change in the most extreme circumstances. However, we also alter roof pitches for stylistic reasons when we are restoring showcase homes.

1. Disrepair or Dilapidation

A neglected home that has fallen into disrepair remains the primary candidate for a roof pitch change. Homeowners that fail to maintain their roofs and repair them at the first signs of trouble may experience severe damage to their homes. Some of the most common indications that you need to revise the slope of your roof include:

  • Wood rot
  • Sagging roof
  • Pooling of rainwater
  • Inefficient snow shedding

2. A Growing Household

home addition roof pitch change

A few of our clients have asked us, “Can I change my roof pitch to create a more spacious nursery?” In some cases, we successfully reworked the slopes of our clients’ roofs. In others, however, such a project proved impractical. If you have a baby on the way or an in-law coming to live with you, call one of our friendly representatives at Sundown Exteriors to discuss altering your roof’s pitch.

3. Need for Additional Clearance

Some homeowners create fantastic living spaces in their attics that provide almost as much comfort as a room on the ground floor. However, sometimes property owners purchase appliances, televisions, or pieces of workout equipment that will not fit. Most of the time, our veteran roofing professionals can accommodate them by raising the roof a few inches.

4. Aesthetic Concerns

Sometimes, property owners wish to change the pitches of their roofs because they would like to attain an architectural ideal. Our team of roofers may need to restore a 200-year-old home to its former glory or modify the pitch of a new build that strayed a little too far from the homeowner’s preferred aesthetic.

5. Energy Efficiency

The pitch of a roof can impact a home’s energy efficiency. For example, a flat roof helps a house maintain its indoor temperature more than a roof with a higher pitch. However, flat roofs remain impractical with the snowfall in our area of Illinois. Speak with one of our friendly team members to find out how you can give your home the perfect pitch for your specific locale.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Roof Pitch in Normal, Bloomington, or Lincoln, IL?

Cost to Change Roof Pitch

Modifying the pitch of a roof represents the most complex, labor-intensive, and expensive type of roof replacement because it involves the removal of all roofing materials, the roof deck, and even some of the roof framing.

How much it will cost to change roof pitch depends on many factors. Read on as we explore some of the most impactful determinants affecting the price of a roof pitch change.

Roof Size

The size of a roofing project always affects its overall price. However, most homeowners don’t realize that the size of a home does not determine the price of a roof replacement—the size of the roof does. For example, a roof replacement for a three-story mansion may cost less than that for a sprawling, one-story ranch-style home.

Pitch Increases vs. Decreases

Whether the client wishes to increase or decrease the pitch of a roof will affect the price of a project. In general, it costs more to raise the pitch because it requires more materials to create a steeper roof.

Impact on Other Systems

If altering a roof’s pitch will have an impact on electrical, communications, and other systems, the cost of the project will increase. Can you change the pitch of your roof? Yes. But, in some cases, it may not make economic sense to do so.

Let Us Change the Pitch of Your Roof

Now you know the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: Can I change my roof pitch? All you need to do now is find the right roofing contractors for the job.

Give your roofing system a beautiful makeover by calling the certified and licensed roofers at Sundown Exteriors by dialing (309) 275-6801 today for projects in Bloomington, Lincoln, or Normal, IL.