Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter in Illinois?

Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter in Illinois

You probably know that winter isn’t the optimal season to replace a roof in Central Illinois, but what if you can’t wait until spring and warmer weather? Can you replace a roof in the winter?

The short answer is usually yes—if you work with a reliable, experienced roofing crew. Call us at Sundown Exteriors at (309) 275-6801 for a year-round roof replacement quote. Our licensed, insured contractors provide superior roof replacement services in Bloomington, Normal, Lincoln, Pontiac, and the surrounding cities.

Why Winter Is a Slow Season for Most Roofing Contractors in the Midwest

roofer removing snow from roof

There’s a reason why most roofing contractors prefer to avoid major projects during the winter months. Extremely cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions may interfere with the roof installation process in several ways.

For instance, when it’s too cold:

  • Asphalt shingles may break or crack when rolled out
  • Roofing cement may not set properly
  • Self-adhesive shingles may not work
  • Installation may proceed more slowly and result in higher labor costs—more work hours to complete the same job

Also, in Central Illinois, a sudden snowstorm or freezing spell may interfere with the roofers’ work even if the crew started the project in auspicious-looking weather. That’s why many roofers restrict their winter work to short, indispensable projects like emergency repairs.

How to Replace a Roof in the Winter

How to Replace a Roof in the Winter

What if a violent storm dismantles your roof, or you spot a leak and an inspection reveals a systemic roof problem? Must you resign to living with a faulty roof for months? Not necessarily. Many winter days offer perfectly adequate conditions for roof replacement, provided that:

  • The weather is compatible with a roofing job. If it’s snowing, hailing, or raining, or if it’s the coldest day Central Illinois has known for the past two decades, your roof replacement will have to wait. It’s vital to keep up with the weather forecast when approaching a winter roof replacement project.
  • Asphalt shingles are at the right temperature. Most shingle manufacturers recommend installing shingles at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees. When it’s too cold, shingles may become brittle. Your roofing crew may need to warm up the shingles before starting work. Spreading shingles in the sun also allows them to absorb heat and become pliable enough to work with.
  • The roofers hand-seal each shingle. Roof shingles typically come with an auto-sealing adhesive strip, which won’t work properly if it’s too cold. Roofers may need to hand seal every shingle to create a proper bond. Hand-sealing is especially important in areas like eaves and rakes.
  • You choose a professional local contractor. When you undertake a roofing project during a challenging season, make sure to work with an experienced, reputable contractor who has handled many winter roof installations in your area, knows how weather conditions may impact installation, and gives you a realistic time estimate.

The Advantages of Winter Roof Replacement

With all the potential problems of winter roof replacement, you may also reap several benefits when you decide to install a new roof during the cold season. By opting to replace a roof in the winter, you may:

  • Get a better offer. When contractors are less busy, project quotes tend to drop. Tackling your roof replacement during the slow season might save you a lot of money.
  • Resolve roof issues in time. Living through winter with a faulty roof may cause structural damage to your home. Your old roof may become a safety hazard which you need to remove as soon as possible.
  • Ensure a professional job. Replacing a roof in the winter requires more care but may also result in a better-quality installation. For example, hand-sealing and checking each shingle may create a more reliable seal.

Expert Roof Replacement in Central Illinois

Did your roof suffer irreparable damage in an extreme weather event? Have you discovered a major roof issue that won’t wait until spring? Never fear—with Sundown Exteriors, you can replace a roof in the winter and throughout the year.

Call us at (309) 275-6801 or contact us online for a no-cost roof replacement estimate in Bloomington, Lincoln, Normal, Pontiac, and other locations in Central Illinois.